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As you may have noticed, the fanfiction archive is now at a new URL: This is because the old server was overloaded, so the fic archive had to be moved to a different host. All the old links should work properly (they'll be forwarded automatically to the new server), but you should update them anyway. (Just change the domain name from to If you notice any problems, please let us know! We're sorry for the short notice and the inconvenience.
Robin on May 16 2008 - 08:49AM (25 Comments)

Most Recent
Kitty by Aisha Sheyla (PG-13)
A bit of love sparks between two people. Side Note: This is my fantasy I have and dream every night,...

Death, or not... by June Odyssey (G)
Vegas tag. Sheppard survives the gunshot wound, this is the infirmary scene after....

Three's a Crowd, Four's an Intervention by jewel_of_athos (G)
Elizabeth is cross-eyed from too much paperwork, Teyla has gate-lag, Sheppard can't sleep, McKay has...

Return to Pegasus by Idris (R)
Lt Colonel Maura White is appointed as the second head of military on Atlantis despite many people d...

The Arrogance of Good Intentions by NewEnglandFan (PG-13)
Sheppard, his team, and Elizabeth Weir face a hard reality check and painful self-discovery when...

Our Great Divide by Mar Komi (PG-13)
Zelenka falls ill with a strange disease after an off-world mission. Rodney thinks he can save him, ...

Gilannon nedh Atalant by Celebelleth (R)
What if Middle-earth was on a planet located somewhere in the Pegasus galaxy? What if the Wraith hav...

Star Gate Atlantis: Wraith Hunters by Wildcard (PG-13)
I AM NOT CRAZY. How would you handle being ripped off your planet and suddenly find yourself as toda...

Men without souls by Riduur_of_Shep (G)
They're the Republic's dogs; men with no souls, and John Sheppard's face....

His only fear by Arez (PG)
Prologue to "So Dark the Soul" series. ...

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A balcony dinner for two... Two enthusiastic Weir and Sheppard supporters d...

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